9 Female Rappers from Houston you need to Know

THE HIP-HOP INDUSTRY REMAINS MOSTLY DOMINATED BY MEN, but we have seen both Megan Thee Stallion and Lizzo’s recent rises to success. There are still a few other Houston women shaking up the industry. Below, we want to introduce you to nine more up-and-comers we love.


This Houston native has actually been rapping for seven years, but she’s only now receiving national recognition. Her most recent freestyle on 92.3 The Beat LA went viral on Twitter. She refers to herself as “KenTheMan” because she believes her ego and persona are similar to a man. Right now, one of her most popular songs is ”He Be Like,” which hit over 1 million streams. 

Lebra Jolie

Lebra Jolie hails from the Fifth Ward. The so-called femcee took off with her popular record Cut It and has remained consistent since.  Following that, she has collaborated with fellow Houston rapper KenTheMan for their song ”Throw Fits.” After the popular song went viral on Instagram, she rejoined KenTheMan for the song ”First Off.” 

OMB Bloodbath

Hailing from Houston’s Third Ward, OMB Bloodbath is nothing to play with. Her name stems from Malibu’s Most Wanted’s character Bloodbath. While she remains unsigned, she’s the target of interest from major players in the industry, including Meek Mill. Her most recent song is ”Sour Cream,” and the video was released last month. She also was apart of the collaboration project, the Down South 2019 Remix, which features KenTheMan and Lebra Jolie as well. 

Milli Bucks

Milli Bucks is originally from Jacksonville, Florida, but definitely pays her respects to Houston. She’s been in Houston long enough that many people (including us) assumed she was from here. Buck’s only been rapping for a year, and she’s already gained a large fan base. After making a few connections here in Houston, she decided to take having a career in rap seriously. Her freestyle with Yung Ro received more than 14,000 views on YouTube. 

Young Lyric

While a few may know her from the television show The Rap Game, the hip-hop princess has a lot to offer. She turned down a deal to work with Jermaine Dupri while managing to maintain success as an independent artist. She has ties to the Rap-A-Lot camp and recently did a song with Falcon The God.  Her latest single, Get It How You Live, now has a visual, which was released in July. 


Known mostly for her freestyles, Drizzy’s mouth could be a certified weapon. You heard it here: This rapper’s bars can go toe to toe with any male rapper out there today. Her most recent project was participating in the Stay Down Productions Female cypher posted above. 

That Girl Lay Lay

Although she may be little, this 12-year-old rapper is a burst of energy. Probably one of the youngest talents out right now, Lay Lay gained major success after her dad posted her freestyles on Twitter (she writes all of her own raps). Last year, her freestyles gained so much notoriety she ended up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Her most recent project, Tha Cheat Code Reloaded, features the single Lit, with Lil Duval.

Ra Ra The Unique Voice

Her name says it all. Ra Ra’s voice is definitely unique and a breath of fresh air. In an industry with oversaturated styles and cadences, she has created her own lane. If you get the chance to see Ra Ra perform live you don’t want to miss it, her energy and stage presence are nothing short of amazing.

Sunni The Rapper

Sunni may be one of the hardest-working females in the industry right now and it is paying off. You can see Sunni performing hits like Thickkk, Right Thurr, and Buss it down all across Texas. She is one of the artists you should definitely look out for.

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